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Shaman King Icon Contest

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::shaman_icontest - Shaman King Icon Contest::
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& Hello and welcome to shaman_icontest, an icon awards community 
for fans of the series Shaman King.




01 Be polite and no bashing other’s icons.


02 Do not take other's work without asking for their permission.


03 Please respect the Mods and other contestants.


04 Please do not complain if you do not win. If you believe there is a problem with the voting then please email one of the Mods about it. Do not overload the comment box.


05 PLEASE speak in proper English. Meaning no l33t talk. No tYpInG lyK Diz. No speaking a random language that only you would understand when addressing everybody. (That’s rude D:)


06 This community is shounen ai and shoujo ai friendly so do not complain or give out any discriminating remarks.               

A theme will be posted on Friday, 8:00 pm (Asia/Manila time). Please use this time converter to your convenience to be able to match what time you should post. Entries are to be submitted in a comment on the theme post and will be screened. Please understand if the moderator is late with the post.


01 You must be a member to submit icons.


02 You may only submit up to TWO icons each week. Though it's not very necessary to submit 2.


03 Fan art is not allowed. Doujinshi is allowed though however, we would appreciate it if you give credit to the artist.


04 All icons must follow the LJ requirements which would be 100x100pixels/40kb, in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.


05 All icons must be related to Shaman King the anime or manga.


06 All icons must follow the given theme or else there will be immediate disqualification.


07 Do not display your icons around until after the contest.


08 Please host all your icons yourself. We suggest using photobucket.


09 Please submit them in this format:



Username: ________





Voting is posted on Wednesday, 8:00 pm (Asia/Manila time). Votes are to be submitted in a comment on the theme post and will be screened. Please understand if the moderator is late with the post. Winners will be announced on Friday, 8:00 pm (Asia/Manila time).


01 You must be a member to vote.


02 Vote for only three icons, unless it is specified differently in the theme post. No more, no less.

03 Try to refrain from voting for your own icon unless you believe it really deserves to win.


04 Please vote fairly. Do not vote for the one that features your favorite character. Please vote based on how well the icon was made.


05 You may not ask your friends to vote for your icon.


06 Please vote in this format:








32, 45, 21


That’ll be your top 3 favorites in descending order. The first being your favorite, the second your second favorite and the third your third favorite.


Your first choice will receive 3 points, second 2 points, third 1 point and we will tally them all at the end of the week to see who is the winner.


Winners will receive a banner.


 ;Winners    ; Affiliates   ; Staff   ; Staff Application ; Mod's Guide
;Moderator and Banner Rotation
;Layout, Userinfo Banner and  Community Icon: takari_san 

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